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LifeWithoutPlastic's Non-plastic Food Storage and Freezer Containers

LifeWithoutPlastic's Food Storage Containers - Product Review

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LifeWithoutPlastic's Non-plastic Food Storage and Freezer Containers

Airtight plastic-free food storage and freezer containers from LifeWithoutPlastic.com

Leda Meredith

There are many reasons to switch to non-plastic food storage and freezer containers, including avoiding the harmful BPAs that some plastics exude, as well as skipping petroleum products (plastic is made from petroleum) for environmental reasons. The glass and stainless steel products from LifeWithoutPlastic.com are good alternatives to plastic food storage containers.

Non-plastic Airtight Glass and Stainless Steel Food Containers

The most commonly available alternatives to plastic food storage containers still have plastic lids, but those offered by LifeWithoutPlastic.com are completely plastic-free products. Their lids are made of food grade stainless steel with silicone seals and create an air and water-tight cover.

Glass Containers with Stainless Steel, Vacuum-seal Lids

Round airtight glass food container with stainless steel lid

Leda Meredith

These attractive containers are made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and stainless steel lids. The lids have an ingenious button that creates a vacuum seal when pushed.

Note that these lids are not dishwasher or microwave safe, but the containers without their lids may be used to heat food in either the oven or microwave. Both containers and lids are freezer-safe.

LifeWithoutPlastic.com offers their glass containers with vacuum-sealing stainless steel lids in both round and square shapes. Although I found the round shape more elegant, opt for the square version if you want to maximize your freezer and storage space.

These containers come in sizes ranging from a small, round one that has a capacity of 400 ml (13.5 fl. oz) to a large rectangular one that can hold 1700 ml (57.5 fl. oz).

Prices for these models range from $18.95 to $33.95 - not cheap, but they should last for years if not a lifetime.

Stove-safe Nesting Stainless Steel Containers

Both the lids and bases of these models are made of high quality, food grade stainless steel. They can be used as pots to reheat food directly on the stovetop or over a fire, which makes them ideal for camping trips or potlucks.

As with the glass-bottomed models, these stainless steel versions include silicone seals. They don't have the vacuum-sealing button, but instead several clamps that create an air and watertight seal (Yes, you can carry soup around in these without creating a mess. You can also use them to freeze that soup). However, as with the other models, you cannot put the lids in the dishwasher or microwave.

Some of the stainless steel models have lids with grooves on them that enable several of the containers to be securely stacked.

There are both round and rectangular versions of the stainless steel containers, ranging in capacity from 182 ml (6.2 fl. oz.) to 7 Litres (1.85 gallon or about 30 cups) and in price from $12.95 to $69.95.

Worth the Price

Despite the minor inconvenience of not being able to put the lids of these containers into the dishwasher or microwave, they are well worth the price. The main parts of the containers are dishwasher and microwave safe. And the additional advantages of being plastic free, freezer safe, and heat tolerant mean you will be using them for many years to come.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by LifeWithoutPlastic.com. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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