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Food Preservation Gifts

From a simple jar of jam to gourmet gift baskets, here are some ideas for terrific homemade food gifts

Classic Yellow Hot Dog Mustard Recipe
Making classic, American-style yellow mustard - the stuff you love on hot dogs - is so easy. Here's how.

Holiday Food Gift Basket Ideas
Suggestions for pairing homemade preserves with other ingredients to create wonderful food gift baskets for the holidays.

Curds, Candies, Marmalades and More - Delicious Ways to Preserve Citrus
From lemon curd to kumquat marmalade to candied grapefruit peel and more, here are some delicious ways to preserve citrus fruits.

Last Minute Holiday Food Gifts
Homemade preserves are always welcome food gifts, but what if you didn't get around to making any over the summer? Here are some quick recipes that will keep, and that are made with ingredients that are in season during the winter holidays.

How to Make Mustard - Mustard Recipes
Mustard is incredibly easy to make and is a great homemade food gift. Here's how to make several different kinds of mustard.

Gifts for Foodie Friends and Food Preservation Enthusiasts
Kitchen gear gift ideas for crafty friends and food preservation enthusiasts

Whole Grain Honey Mustard Recipe
This medium-hot mustard is smooth enough to spread easily with just enough whole mustard seeds to give it an interesting texture.

Edible Flower Recipes
A collection of edible flower recipes ranging from candied violets to dandelion wine.

Preserving Pears - Recipes and How-to Instructions
Recipes for preserving pears

How to Preserve Cranberries - Cranberry Recipes

How to Make Jerky from Ground Turkey
How to make jerky from ground turkey meat.

How to Make Jerky from Ground Beef
How to make jerky at home using hamburger meat (ground beef).

Fermented Watermelon Radish Pickle Recipe
Colorful and packed with probiotic health benefits, fermented watermelon radishes are a party-worthy treat.

Kumquat Recipes
Kumquat recipes

Rhubarb Recipes
Easy and delicious recipes and techniques for preserving rhubarb.

10 Great Ways to Preserve Strawberries
Recipes and techniques for preserving strawberries

10 Great Ways to Preserve Herbs
10 Great Ways to Preserve Herbs

How to Preserve Peaches - Peach Recipes
From peach jam to canned peaches, dehydrating the fruit into bite size snacks and more, these are easy, safe and delicious ways to preserve summer's peak season peaches

Recipes and Techniques for Preserving Green Beans
How to pickle, freeze, ferment and dehydrate green beans

Putting Up Tomatoes - Ways to Preserve Tomatoes
From canning tomatoes, to quick homemade ketchup, to oven-dried and probiotic fermented methods, here are some great ways to preserve tomatoes.

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