1. Food

Smoked Food

How to preserve food by smoking it

How to Make Smoked Trout
How to make delicious smoked trout at home

How to Make Bacon at Home
How to make bacon at home.

How Does Smoking Preserve Food? | LIVESTRONG.COM
How smoking preserves meats and other foods.

Smoke - Choose the right wood to make the perfect smoke
Clear descriptions of the different flavors and qualities various woods add to smoked foods.

How to Smoke Fish
Clear instructions for how to smoke fish.

Making Jerky in your Smoker - Add authentic smoke flavor to your Jerky
How to make beef or other meat jerky in your smoker.

Smoking the Jalapenos - Making Chipotles
How to turn jalapeno peppers into chipotle peppers.

Custom Smokers - Build the smoker you want and have everything you need
How to build the smoker best suited to your culinary preferences.

Smoked Maple Bacon Recipe
How to make smoked maple bacon at home

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