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Food Preservation: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Long Can I Store Food in the Freezer?
How long you can store different types of food in the freezer
The Best Ways to Preserve Cilantro
Cilantro (coriander) is a versatile herb, but it is almost always used fresh because it doesn't dry well. Here are some ways to extend its life in your kitchen so that it doesn't ever need to go to waste.
How to Freeze Mushrooms
The two best ways to freeze mushrooms
How to Freeze Asparagus
The best ways to blanch and freeze asparagus
Blanching Vegetables Before Freezing
Why some vegetables must be blanched before they are frozen, and how to do it.
How to Make Dry Bread Crumbs
How to make dry breadcrumbs with or without a food processor
The Best Ways to Preserve Basil
The best ways to preserve the bright color and flavor of fresh basil
Kumquat Marmalade Recipe
A simple marmalade recipe that preserves the bright color and flavor of kumquat fruits
How to Dry Strawberries in a Dehydrator
How to dry strawberries in a food dehydrator
Oven-baked Kale Chips
How to make kale chips in your oven
10 Ways to Use Chutney
Wondering what you can do with chutney besides serving it with Indian food? Here are 10 mouthwatering suggestions.
How to Sterilize Canning Jars
How to sterilize canning jars. Food Preservation.
How to Freeze Rhubarb
The best way to freeze rhubarb. Food Preservation.
Simple Kale Chips - Dehydrator Method
A recipe for kale chips made in a dehydrator, with a couple of variations. Raw food enthusiasts take note: the low temperature method yields a raw food product!
How to Blanch and Freeze Broccoli
How to blanch and freeze broccoli so that it retains the best possible flavor, texture, color and nutritional value.
High and Low Pectin Fruit
Which fruits are high or low pectin, and how that affects turning them into jams and jellies.
How to Make Bacon at Home
How to make bacon at home. Food Preservation.
Rendered Chicken Fat (Schmaltz)
How to make and use rendered chicken fat, also called schmaltz
How to Make Candied Violets
How to make candied violets. Food Preservation.
Alkaline and Acidic Foods
Why alkaline and acidic foods require different canning methods
Boiling Water Bath Canning: A Step-By-Step Guide
How to Process Food in a Boiling Water Bath
Boiling Water Bath vs. Pressure Canning
Knowing the difference between boiling water bath and pressure canner food preservation is essential for safe canning.
Fresh vs Frozen Vegetables
Surprisingly, sometimes frozen vegetables actually boast a higher nutritional value than fresh veggies. Here's what you need to know to make the healthiest choices between fresh and frozen produce.
Pickled Ramps Recipe
Ramps are an early springtime treat that is only in season for a few weeks. This recipe provides a way to enjoy them year-round.
Lemon Curd Recipe
An easy recipe for lemon curd, a creamy and delicious treat that you can enjoy on its own, or as a filling or topping for other desserts.
How to Blanch and Freeze Cauliflower
How to freeze cauliflower so that it keeps the best possible texture, taste and nutritional value.
Raspberry Curd
This creamy raspberry curd is spectacular paired with dark chocolate or crisp ginger snap cookies.
Homemade Citrus Pectin
How to make your own pectin for thickening jams and jellies.
Strawberry Jam with Homemade Pectin
A simple strawberry jam that uses homemade pectin to ensure a good jell.
How to Freeze Strawberries
The best way to freeze strawberries
How to Dry Mushrooms - Oven Method
How to dry mushrooms in your oven
How to Dry Mushrooms - Dehydrator Method
How to dry mushrooms in a dehydrator
Rosemary Infused Oil Recipe
How to make a delicious oil infused with the scent and flavor of fresh rosemary.
Lacto-fermentation - How It Works
How lacto-fermentation safely preserves foods without canning, special ingredients, or fancy equipment.
Preserving Pumpkin, Butternut and Other Winter...
The best ways to store, freeze, dehydrate and can pumpkin, butternut and other winter squashes
How to Freeze Sweet Peppers
A simple method for freezing sweet peppers so that they retain their bright colors and flavor and don't clump together.
Raw Food Diets and Dehydrator "Cooking"
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How to Preserve Avocado
How to preserve avocado by freezing avocado puree.
Yellow Hot Dog Mustard Recipe
Making classic, ballpark-style yellow mustard - the stuff you love on hot dogs - is so easy. Here's how.
Homemade Apple Pectin
How to make liquid pectin from apples
Drying Apples in a Dehydrator
The best way to dry apples in a dehydrator
Quince Paste
A recipe for quince paste. Food Preservation.
Violet Flower Syrup Recipe
How to make violet flower syrup and what to do with it
Pressure Canning: A Step-By-Step Guide
A step-by-step guide through pressure canning
Removing the Risk of Botulism from Canning -...
Many people don't try canning their own food because they are afraid of botulism. Here's what you need to know about that bacterium and how to make absolutely sure your food is safe from it.
Labneh Yogurt Cheese
A simple recipe for labneh, a cheese made from strained yogurt
Lacto-fermented Carrot Recipe
An easy recipe for delicious lacto-fermented carrots that are rich in healthy probiotics
Butternut Squash Chips - Oven Method
Crisp butternut squash chips are easy to make in your oven. Skip the cost and grease of deep frying and try this healthy (but just as tasty) version instead.
How to Dry Pears in a Dehydrator
A step-by-step guide to drying pears in a dehydrator
Classic Sweet Hot Dog Relish Recipe
Recipe for classic sweet cucumber relish
Asparagus Refrigerator Pickle Recipe
An easy recipe for lightly tangy pickled asparagus that does not require canning and is ready to eat in just three days.
Making and Preserving Soup Stocks
How to make and freeze or can soup stocks
How to Blanch and Freeze Peas
The best way to blanch and freeze peas
How to Can Asparagus
How to preserve asparagus by canning it at home.
How to Blanch and Freeze Green Beans
How to freeze green beans so that they retain the best possible taste, color, texture and nutritional value.
How to Brine Cure Olives
How to make brine-cured olives at home
How to Test Homemade Jellies for the Gel Point...
How to test homemade jellies to know when they have reached the jell point
Mulberry Jam with Homemade Pectin
A simple recipe for mulberry jam that uses homemade instead of commercial pectin
How to Dry Carrots in a Dehydrator
How to dry carrots so that they retain their color, flavor and nutritients
How to Dry Morel Mushrooms - Dehydrator Method
How to dry morel mushrooms in a food dehydrator
Spicy Pickled Asparagus Recipe
An easy pickled asparagus recipe with some heat and delicious intensity from chile peppers and spices.
How to Blanch and Dry Celery
How to blanch and dry celery. Food Preservation.
Blanching and Freezing Leafy Greens: A...
Leafy greens need to be blanched before they are frozen. Here's how.
How to Dry Tomatoes in a Dehydrator
How to dry tomatoes in a dehydrator.
LifeWithoutPlastic's Non-plastic Food Storage...
Product review of LifeWithoutPlastic's non-plastic food storage and freezer containers.
Elderflower Syrup Recipe
How to make elderflower syrup - delicious added to cold drinks or drizzled over yogurt or desserts.
Pickled Ginger Recipe to Go With Sushi or Sashimi
A simple recipe for pickled fresh ginger to go with sushi or sashimi.
Spicy Pickled Carrots
Spicy pickled carrot recipe. Food Preservation.
How to Make Fruit Leathers from Fresh Fruit
How to make fruit leathers or roll-ups from fresh fruit
Herbal Vinegars
How to preserve the vibrant aromas and flavors of herbs in vinegar.
Excalibur 2400 Economy Model Dehydrator Review
A product review of Excalibur's 2400 no-frills basic food dehydrator
How to Make Salt Pork
How to make salt pork. Food Preservation.
Homemade Yogurt
How to make yogurt at home. Food Preservation.
Chicken Bone Soup Stock Recipe
After you've enjoyed a roasted chicken dinner, don't throw out the bones! Turn them into a delicious stock that you can use to make soups and sauces.
Dandelion Wine
A recipe for dandelion flower wine
How to Freeze Each Kind of Vegetable
The best ways to freeze individual vegetables so that they keep their texture, taste and nutrients
Quince Jelly
A recipe for quince jelly that has a delicate flavor and exquisite color
Dry Salt-cured Olives
This is one of the simplest ways to cure olives. The result is identical to the full-flavored, slightly
How to Dry Morel Mushrooms - Oven Method
How to dry morel mushrooms in the oven
Red Cabbage Sauerkraut
Red cabbage makes a colorful variation of sauerkraut, and is rich in healthy probiotics.
Lacto-fermentation Without Added Salt
How to lacto-ferment food without adding salt
Easy Rhubarb Compote Recipe
A simple rhubarb preserve that can be used as a topping or to make tarts, pie and sorbet. Canning information included for long term storage.
Prickly Pear Jelly - A Step By Step Guide &...
Step-by-step instructions for harvesting prickly pear fruit, removing the prickles and seeds, and making delicious jelly.
How to Make File Powder for Gumbo
How to make file powder for gumbo
How to Make Jerky from Ground Turkey
How to make jerky from ground turkey meat.
Pickled Green Almonds Recipe
A recipe for delicious pickled green almonds
Homemade Feta Cheese
Homemade feta cheese is ready to eat just a couple of days after you make it, but can be stored in brine for months.
Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles
These cucumber pickles have a classic deli dill flavor and crunch. They are ready to eat in just a few days, if you wait a week they will be even better.
24-Hour Refrigerator Pickles
An easy and tasty pickle recipe that is ready to serve the next day
Blanching and Freezing Okra
Okra needs to be blanched before freezing.
From Napoleon to Mason Jars - The Brief History...
Sealing food in cans or jars to preserve it is a relatively recent method of food preservation. Here is the brief history of how modern canning methods came to be.
How to Dry Cranberries
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Cheesy Raw Vegan Kale Chips
Kale chips are addictively tasty and yet totally good for you - a much healthier option than deep-fried
Green Tomato Chutney
Recipe for green tomato chutney - just in time for the end of the gardening season!
Herb Butter Recipe
How to make delicious butters with fresh herbs. Use these as an easy recipe for fish or cooked vegetables, or spread them thinly on small pieces of toast or crostini as an elegant party offering.
Butternut Squash Chips - Dehydrator Method
Crisp squash chips are easy to make in a dehydrator. Skip the cost and grease of deep frying and try this healthy (but just as tasty) version instead.
Pickled Redbud Blossoms
Recipe for pickled redbud blossoms (the edible flowers of Cercis canadensis and C. occidentalis)
How to Make Red Wine Vinegar
A simple method for making your own red wine vinegar
How to Dry Pears - Oven Method
How to dry pears in an oven. Food Preservation.
Lacto-fermented Green Beans
A simple recipe for healthy, probiotic fermented green beans
Canning Soup - How to Can Soup
How to pressure can homemade soups
Fermenting Food - Lacto-fermentation Fruit and...
Recipes for lacto-fermenting fruits and vegetables
Spicy Beer Mustard Recipe
An easy, delicious recipe for a spicy homemade beer mustard.
Single Jar Sauerkraut Recipe
How to make a small, single jar batch of homemade sauerkraut
What Are Cornichons, and How to Make Them
What are cornichons cucumber pickles, and how do you make them?
Slow Cooker Applesauce Recipe
This applesauce is super easy to make because it cooks in a crock pot while you are doing something else. You can turn this slow cooker recipe into a super healthy fruit snack by leaving out the sugar.
Rosemary Salt - The Perfect Way to Preserve...
A quick, simple recipe that preserves the flavor of rosemary much better than drying.
How to Can Pears
Pears can beautifully, keeping good texture and flavor. Although traditionally they are canned in sugar syrup, it is entirely possible to can pears with no added sugar. Here are the best ways to can pears.
Simple Mustard Recipe
A simple mustard recipe with several variations
Quick Radish Refrigerator Pickle Recipe
A simple, tasty recipe for pickled radishes that are ready to serve in just 24 hours.
Pickled Asparagus Recipe
An easy, delicious recipe for pickled asparagus.
Fermented Turnip Pickle
Crunchy, tangy fermented turnips are a traditional pickle in many cultures. They are rich in good-for-you probiotics.
Carrot Kimchi
Easy to make, this colorful, spicy kimchee is full of good-for-you probiotics. Serve it alongside Korean or other Asian-style dishes.
Easy Rhubarb Freezer Jam Recipe
An easy and delicious recipe for rhubarb freezer jam - no canning required!
How to Dry Zucchini and Other Summer Squash in...
How to dry zucchini and other summer squash in a dehydrator
How to Make Smoked Trout
How to make delicious smoked trout at home
Probiotic Fermented Radish Pickle
An easy recipe for tasty fermented radish pickles that are rich in good-for-you probiotics
Italian Quattro Stagioni Canning Jars and Lids
A review of BPA-free Italian Quattro Stagioni canning jars and lids, and how they measure up compared to the more common Ball Mason and Kerr jars
Pomona's Universal Pectin
Pomona's Universal Pectin enables you to make jams and jellies with little or no sugar. How close is the result to traditional high-sugar recipes? Full product review.
Oven-baked "Cheese-y" Kale Chips
Forget the potato chips: These oven-baked kale chips are just as addictively tasty but a much healthier snack.
How to Dry Cranberries - Oven Method
How to dry cranberries in a home oven.
Wisteria Wine
How to make a luscious wine from wisteria flowers
Candied Kumquats - Kumquat Glass
How to make and use candied kumquats, also called calamondin or kumquat glass; kumquat recipe
How to Safely Use Homemade Vinegar in Pickling
Most canning instructions tell you that you should never use homemade vinegar to make pickles. Well, there is a way to do so safely. Here's how.
Mulberry Jam
Recipe for mulberry jam. Food Preservation.
24-Hour Spiced Cauliflower Pickle
A recipe for lightly spiced, pickled cauliflower that is ready to eat in just 24 hours.
Fermented Apple Chutney
A recipe for a lacto-fermented apple chutney that is crunchy, lightly tangy and delicious enough to use as a side dish rather than a condiment.
Canning, Pickling and Freezing Asparagus
How to preserve asparagus by canning, freezing and pickling it
Ginger - Rhubarb Jam Recipe
An easy recipe for a classic ginger - rhubarb combination of flavors. Use as a jam, or as a dessert topping or tart filling.
High Altitude Canning
If you live at a higher than 1000 feet altitude, you need to use different canning times and pressures. Here's how to adjust recipes for safe canning if you live at a high altitude.
How to Use a Pressure Canner as a Boiling Water...
How to use a pressure canner as a boiling water bath
Apple Scrap Vinegar
How to make vinegar from apple cores and peels
Harsch Fermenting Crock
Product review of Harsch ceramic fermenting crocks
Strawberry Rhubarb Compote Recipe
How to make a classic springtime treat - strawberry and rhubarb compote - with canning instructions.
How to Can Tomatoes
How to safely can tomatoes at home.
Edible Flower Recipes
A collection of edible flower recipes ranging from candied violets to dandelion wine.
Curds, Candies, Marmalades and More - Delicious...
From lemon curd to kumquat marmalade to candied grapefruit peel and more, here are some delicious ways to preserve citrus fruits.
Curried Cauliflower Pickle
A colorful, lightly spicy curried cauliflower pickle recipe
Red Currant Jam Recipe
A simple but delicious recipe for red currant jam
How and When to Sterilize Canning Jars
Sometimes you need to sterilize canning jars, sometimes you don't. Here's how to know if you do, and how to do it.
Zucchini Relish Recipe
Recipe for homemade zucchini relish, similar to the sweet, hot dog relish usually made with cucumbers
Canning Blueberries Without Sugar
This method of canning blueberries without added sugar or liquid preserves the full flavor of the fresh fruit.
Kumquat Recipes
Recipes for preserving and cooking with kumquat fruits
Drying Carrots - Oven Method
Drying carrots this way requires no specialized equipment and preserves their bright color as well as their flavor.
How to Make Paneer - Recipe for Paneer Cheese
Easy recipe for how to make paneer, a cheese that does not melt when cooked and is used in Indian dishes including saag paneer and salak paneer.
Rhubarb Recipes - Ways to Preserve Rhubarb
Easy and delicious recipes and techniques for preserving rhubarb.
Candied Grapefruit Peel
Candied grapefruit peel recipe. Food Preservation.
Slow Cooker Apricot Preserves
A colorful and intensely flavorful preserve made with dried apricots.
How to Make and Use Creme Fraiche
How to make and use creme fraiche
How to Dry Peaches in a Dehydrator
How to dry peaches in a dehydrator so that they keep the best flavor, color, texture and nutritional value.

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